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Using point of view to improve your photos

by Greg Belfrage

Point of view (POV) simply refers to the way in which your camera is seeing a subject.  Are you shooting from above or below? 

The point of view you choose is critically important.   Photographing a car while lying on the ground near the bumper will be far more dramatic than if you shoot the car from eye level standing 15 yards away. 

Another idea is to shoot from the point of view of your subject.  Shooting from behind your subject can bring a much more interesting perspective to your photo.

For instance, in Prairie Outpost, I chose to stand directly behind the cannon to capture this scene at historic Fort Sisseton, South Dakota.  This photo has much more impact than a traditional snapshot of the cannon taken from farther away and off to the side.

My initial subject for this photo wasn't the cannon, but the buildings and trees beyond.  However, framing the cannon into the shot made for a far more dramatic photo.

As you learn and experiment with your photography, you'll begin combining multiple techniques (POV, lines, the rule of thirds, framing, etc) to create more compelling and visually powerful photos.

Greg Belfrage is an amateur photographer in Sioux Falls, SD.  You can view more of his artwork at http://www.redbubble.com/people/dakotavistas  or follow his photos on Facebook.