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What's cuter: a royal baby or a basket of golden retriever puppies?

by Jack Taylor

   Of course new babies and puppies, regardless of pedigrees, draw oooo’s and aaaahh’s from the most hardened.  Further inspection, however, can reveal a not so handsome infant.  But ugly ducklings can grow into graceful swans.

  From what little I’ve seen of the new prince it’s hard to say if he’ll look like his mother or take on an appearance similar to Charles’ wife Camilla, even though she’s in a chaise lounge on the tiled edge of the gene pool.

  Let’s face it, Princess Diana elevated the royal’s physical appearance.

  Consider a box full of squiggly, furry and bouncy golden retriever puppies about six weeks old.  Little pink tongues hanging out, the beginnings of an adorable floppy, blonde ear and a face that melts the hearts of cat owners.  Little balls of fur that fall over one another, steadying their legs for the first walk into the unknown. 

  You see my prejudice.  Given a two month old Prince Cambridge and six, two month old goldies, I pick the pups every time. 

The new Prince is third in line for the crown in the United Kingdom.  A puppy is first in your heart as a new family member.