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Keeping the Pet Food Bank full

by Ken Lanphear

When the economy turns against people in our community, it can be hard for them to make ends meet, keep the lights on, keep gas in the car, keep the family fed.

But, what about the family pets?

The tough economic times have been devastating for many who love their pets, but find it difficult to find the money to keep them fed and happy.  As a result, may pets have been turned in to shelters or, even worse, abandoned all together.

Organizations such as the Kalamazoo Humane Society do what they can to help by maintaining a Pet Food Bank.  The Kalamazoo Humane Society helps pet owners across the region keep their companions in their homes by providing donations of food and cat litter thru the Pet Food Bank to help get them thru tough times. 

But, the volume of pet owners who need assistance has seriously taxed the Humane Society's resources these past several years.  Pet Food Bank donations come from businesses, individuals, groups conducting pet food drives and some is purchased, although the Humane Society budget can stretch only so far itself.

If you are able to help by picking up an extra bag of dog or cat food or litter on your next trip to the grocery store or are part of an organization which can muster support for a pet food drive to support this noble effort, please contact the Kalamazoo Humane Society at 345-1181 or visit kazoohumane.org.

Thanks to those in the community who are helping pet owners keep their pets as part of their family even as they fight their way thru tough times!