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Warning: You may pee your pants

by Nikki Montgomery

Ok I’m going to be real with you all for a second, not that I haven’t been in my other blogs, but this time it’s something you pregnant women may not want to hear, but it’s a true risk of pregnancy. You may pee yourself.

You all know that I’ve been sick and you also know that I am 8 ½ months pregnant so my belly is huge and these babies are taking up a lot of room. They both weigh right around 5 pounds now so there’s 10 pounds of baby in there kicking and head-butting my bladder pretty much all the time.

Now think about that much baby and pressure on my bladder and now a huge sneeze. You know how much your muscles contract when you sneeze. Yup, you pee a little. The same thing happens when you cough or blow your nose really hard. It sucks! It takes a lot of concentration not to pee when any of those things happen, but sometimes they catch you off guard.

Words of advice wear light days panty liners to protect against those unforeseen moments. I also try to blow my nose when I am actually in the bathroom anyway.

These are the moments it sucks being pregnant. But it’s all worth it in the end. 

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