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Yucky Dinner Time Food Question

by David Kuharski

Ok--so maybe I too much of a cheapskate but I have a question for Moms and Dads...

One of our almost nightly problem areas is dinner time.  There are some dinners where my kids like what's on the table in front of them and will chow down heartily.  

BUT for those days where they enjoy what I cook there are many more nights where they graze over their plates, pick out what they like and leave the rest.  

I hate waste.  To me when I see uneaten food tossed out--it's like seeing hard-earned dollars being thrown away.  So, here's my question?  DO YOU eat what's left on your kid's plates?

EWWW?! I know-- not exactly digging the leftover idea?  Well, I will scarf down their uneaten food when I know they never touched it anything but a fork or spoon. My exceptions-- soggy milk-logged breakfast cereal (yes, I called it breakfast cereal--I'll have a bowl while I sit on the davenport).  

So, am I weird? (WOAH--that was a quick response to the keyboard...)

What are your rules for engagement?  

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