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Smoking at the Park??

by Corey Carter

Smoking at the Park?!?!

So we took my kids to the park over the weekend and took a little break for some water in the 85 degree heat.

While at the park, there was a younger couple (I'm guessing mid-20's) who were there with some children.  (I'm guessing they weren't their parents, but rather aunt/uncle perhaps or even older cousins.)

They were sitting in the grass about 20 feet away from the park's playground, and they were smoking cigarettes.  In my 2+ years of going to the park playground with my kids, I've never come across somebody who is smoking that close.

My first thought was:  What the hell are you thinking?!?!  

Then, I figured, that at-least they weren't sitting right on the park bench IN the playground area where the kids were...and maybe by luck - the wind wasn't blowing the smoke at the kids.  

But still...I'm thinking: "...seriously??  Who thinks it's a good idea to smoke around kids?!?" 

Look, if you smoke and choose to have it around your kids, that is by all-means your business.  If you choose to smoke outdoors in public, let's say downtown, or walking down the sidewalk, OK - I get it.  But smoking at PARK PLAYGROUND that close to kids?!?! 

Should I have said something????   Am I being an uptight parent??  

How close to the park playground IS okay to smoke???  I'd love to hear your thoughts below....