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"Redshirting" Your Kindergartener?!?! 3 Reasons it's a GOOD idea

by Corey Carter

When I came across this article at first, I was appalled?  Who would seriously do this?  Purposely wait a year to start your child into school, so they will have an advantage in sports when they grow up???  Link to the Article HERE from ABC News . 

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought "Hmmm...it's either crazy or genius!"

Okay, besides just not being "Morally" the correct thing to do...what is really wrong with this?  Here are the 3 reasons why I think it might be a good idea:

1-Since child is more developed, they have a better chance of being successful in whichever sport the parent chooses for them to participate in.  I am a firm believer in that being in sports (or any extra-cirrucular activity that you learn sacrifice, teamwork and dedication) helps build a foundation for a successful future.   So if the child is successful in the sport, they will be more likely to "stick thru" it and play it throughout high-school.  I believe this may help them be successful later in life.

2-You want your child to be GOOD!  Nothing is worse for parents than going to "watch" your kid play, and he/she is stuck on the bench the entire game.  By having a slight age advantage, they may have have a better chance of being successful and actually PLAYING, making your long road-trips in the middle of the night back from road-games waaaaaay more worth it.

3-Saves parents MONEY!  By "redshirting" you may also increase your child's chances of being good at the sport he/she/you decided to play and earn a college scholarship!  C'mon, admit it, every parent who has a young child play sports has at least a SMALL glimmer of hope, even if they would never admit it, that your child just MIGHT be your meal-ticket when they get older. Or at least save you a few hundred thousand in college money!

See, either I'm the smartest parent...or the worst parent in the world.  Please comment below :)