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5 Tips To Ensure That Your Child Outlives You

by Corey Carter

This article (although not "new") is pretty alarming.

'm certainly not trying to preach to you on this, because my wife and I are just as guilty as anybody else of getting "sucked into" buying food items for our kids that are: A-relatively inexpensive B-not very healthy.

We are trying to be more cognizant ofwhat we feed our children, but it IS challenging to be as healthy as we'd like to be given: A-the cost of 'healthy' food B-the challenge of researching/finding the foods that are healthiest

Anyway, here is a link to 5 tips that the CDC is using to try to solve the obesity problem within a generation. I think it's a steep task, but an essential one!

LINK TO ARTICLE FROM MakeMedicineBetter.org