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The Avengers Next Villain is......Contractual Dispute

by Matt Z

Contract negotiations are holding up The Avengers  franchise and it's sequel.  If you think that a sequel won't happen because Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Scarlet Johansson want more money, you are crazy.  The first Avengers movie made over a billion dollars and even if they were to lose one or two of the names above, there is enough of a fan base to make a sequel profitable.  Of course, it depends on which names.  Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson are on my "if they leave, good riddance" list.  Evans is very forgettable as Captain America and Johansson as Black Widow is even more so.  In fact, I am hoping that Johansson walks away.  Downey, Hemsworth and Ruffalo are must haves, in my opinion, and if the unthinkable happens and they lose Downey, it's lights out.

Reports are that Downey made between $50 and $70 million for The Avengers and you can bet the rest of the cast didn't come anywhere close to that figure.  I get that they want more money and I hope they get that they won't be making Tony Stark cash, no matter how much they may want it.   Downey is the leader of the pack.