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What Counts as Cheating?

by Kristen Flowers


A survey asked men and women of different ages what activities qualify as infidelity.  These acts range from looking at porn, dancing in a nightclub and flirting to sexting, secret dates and full-blown sex.  

It comes as no surprise that 80 to 100% of both men and women of all ages believe intercourse counts as cheating.  But responses vary among age groups and sexes when it comes to certain other activities.  For instance, 20 to 50% of men aged 35 to 44 believe slow dancing counts as cheating, compared with just 1 to 20% of women in that age group.  And while 50 to 80% of both men and women aged 15 to 24 say a sexually-explicit conversation is cheating, very few older men and women (age 45 to 64) feel the same.  Younger people are more likely than older people to consider dating, sexting, kissing, touching and oral sex infidelity. And women aged 35 to 44 are far more likely than men in the same age group to call emotional reliance and secret lunch and dinner dates cheating.