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This Chick is UNREAL!

by Kristen Flowers

When you get invited to the wedding of a fitness expert named Rainbeau Mars, you can bet it’s not going to be your typical affair. 


The Hollywood health expert famous for her yoga DVDs is making all her wedding guests do a three-week cleanse before her big day. The bride-to-be’s publicist said Mars wants her guests to “look and feel their best” at her July 2nd nuptials to business manager Michael Karlin. So she’s having them follow a strict vegan diet and will even provide them with daily recipes. 


She also wants guests to keep up their healthy lifestyle once they arrive at the three-day wedding event in Hawaii, which will include “unique activities” like breath work classes, yoga and horseback riding. If they’re promising to be together “in sickness and in health,” at least she’s got the health part down!