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Snow White Reunites Family

by Kristen Flowers

A LITTLE girl who wished upon a star at Disneyland is proof that dreams really can come true.

Alyssa Brown, 4, had no idea when she visited the wishing well at the California theme park with Snow White that she would be reunited with her father, a Marine serving in Afghanistan.

The heartwarming surprise reunion was captured on camera by the little girl's mother, the Daily Mail reported.

In the footage, Alyssa is seen skipping towards the well and kneeling down with the Disney princess to make her wish.


Covering her eyes, she said: "I wish with all my heart that my daddy would come home."

The little girl, who had not seen her father Marine Lt Scott Brown for seven months, opened her eyes to see him kneeling before her.

She joyfully rushed into his arms and gave him a huge hug.

Alyssa's mother later told Los Angeles TV station KTLA that her daughter had been having a hard time dealing with her beloved father's absence.

And now that father and daughter have been happily reunited, what's Alyssa's next wish? The little girl now wants a puppy, her mother says.