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Nommy! Watermelon Flavored Oreos!

by Kristen Flowers

Oreos just released a new, limited-time flavor for the summer.  And it is . . . WATERMELON-FLAVORED OREOS.  Yes, Watermelon Oreos. 


They use the vanilla cookies, not the traditional chocolate ones.  And in between you get cream that's half pink, half green, and all watermelon-y. 

By all rights, this should be disgusting . . . but the early reviews online are POSITIVE.  The website JunkFoodGuy.com described it as, quote, "a watermelon taste like it had been blended with cream.  Imagine a watermelon ice cream." 


They're $3 a package, but you can only get Watermelon Oreos at Target, and just for the summer.