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Mystery of Loch Ness Monster Revealed!

by Kristen Flowers


Loch Ness may not be a monster at all! Could this legend be summed up by some harmless geological activity? This is the NEW Loch Ness Monster explanation. 

Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi told a a group organized by the Geological Society of London and the Geological Society of America that seismic activity may be the reason people believe there is a monster around the Scottish lake.

"Loch Ness is exactly on the fault zone," Piccardi said in The Telegraph. "When there are small shocks, it can create a commotion on the water surface. Along the fault there can be gas emissions, which can create large bubbles on the surface. There are many surface effects which can be linked to the activity of the fault."

Gary Campbell, president of the Loch Ness Monster Fan Club in Inverness, Scotland doesn't believe Piccardi's theory.

"Most of the sightings involve foreign objects coming out of the water. There's two most common -- one's a hump, and the other is a head and neck," Campbell told ABC News. "At the end of the day, there's still sightings that are inexplicable. There's something physical in there."