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by Kristen Flowers

A senior at Pepperdine University made one of those YouTube videos asking Joe Jonas to attend her formal with her.  He couldn't make it, but he filmed a video offering to take HER to a concert of his in July. 

Gwyneth Paltrow admits she has one guilty pleasure:  Every Saturday night, she smokes one American Spirit cigarette.  She also says she'll never use Botox again, because it made her look like Joan Rivers. . . although she does admit she gets laser treatments.

"Scary Movie 5" opens this weekend up against "42", the movie about baseball hall of famer Jackie Robinson.

The "Veronica Mars" movie Kickstarter campaign ends today, after raising $5 million.  Its original goal was $2 million, which it earned in a single DAY.  Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart has set up a Kickstarter page for a romantic comedy she wants to make.  She's seeking $2 million, but so far, she's only made a little over $12,000.

The phony children's book "Go The [BLANK] to Sleep" is being made into a MOVIE.  The script hasn't even been written yet, so details are scarce at this point.

"The Office" is ending its nine-season run next month.  To celebrate, there's going to be a public "wrap party" in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the show is set, and some of the cast members are going to show up.

Lady Gaga has been on the shelf since undergoing hip surgery in February, and "sources" tell "Life & Style" magazine that she won't be back in action until September, at the earliest. 

The craziness continues for Amanda Bynes. She said that the reason she is wearing bad wigs is because she shaved her head, because her hair was so damaged. Also on twitter yesterday she announced that she no longer speaks to her parents.