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by Kristen Flowers


Prince William  and Kate debuted their new baby yesterday on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital in London.  William told reporters, quote, "We are still working on a name, so we will have that as soon as we can.  But it's the first time we've seen him really."  Asked which parent the child resembles, William said, quote, "He's got her looks, thankfully." 


TMZ found an interview Justin Bieber did about four years ago, when he was 15.  The host asked him who he has a crush on, and he named Selena Gomez.  This was two years before Justin and Selena got together.


Penelope Cruz gave birth to her baby on Monday. .Sources say Penelope had a girl, and the birth took place in Madrid.  There's no word yet on a name.


Amanda Bynes was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold Monday night, after starting a fire in a woman's driveway in Thousand Oaks, California.  Police showed up and determined that Amanda needed to be locked up, at least temporarily.  Meanwhile, sources say her parents are thinking about seeking a conservatorship.


Kevin Smith has written a screenplay called "Tusk".  It's kind of like "Human Centipede", but with a crazy surgeon turning a guy into a WALRUS.  Kevin wants Quentin Tarantino to play the victim, and he even sent him a copy of the script.


During a show in Montreal, Beyonce sat down to perform her song "Halo".  While she was singing, her hair got caught in a GIANT FAN that was behind her.  She kept singing . . . and a crew member eventually had to cut her hair with scissors to free her.