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by Kristen Flowers


Miley Cryrus says that in a past life she was Lil' Kim. She says that Lil' Kim is who she really is on the inside. 

15-year-old Kylie Jenner is playing the field -- just a week after hitting up a movie with Will Smith's son Jaden, she went out with Justin Bieber's friend Lil Twist..


Elton John thinks that the The Voice is terrible and shows just like it are doing damage to the music industry. He said that no one on the show has had a hit record and that they propell people into stardom who aren't ready for it.

"Big Brother" contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house -- she's been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb. East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the pageant coordinator ... claiming they were shocked she could "display such acts of hate and racism."


Lindsay Lohan who is in rehab at Cliffside Malibu -- was allowed to play around on the Internet yand responded to a fan who had tweeted her the following message "@lindsaylohan can you tweet me I seriously watched I know who killed me twice last night." Lohan's response was classic -- "two times too many!"


Taylor Swift posted some no trespassing signs at her new Rhode Island home and the signs are classic. The signs reportedly read: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING." No word on if this is a joke.