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by Kristen Flowers

Reese Witherspoon in Handcuffs -- Police Video - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

Video of Reese Witherspoon in handcuffs hit the World Wide Web of Celebrity Embarrassment yesterday.  The clip shows Reese arriving at the Atlanta police station after her arrest.  The cop takes her out of his car and uncuffs her, then leads her into the station.


Next Monday through Friday, Ben Affleck will live on just $1.50 in food and drink.  It's all part of the "Live Below the Line" challenge, which is an effort to raise awareness of global poverty. 


Ryan Lochte has responded to those two TV anchors who cracked up after interviewing him.  He says, quote, "The way I look at it the more haters I have it means I'm doing something right." Meanwhile, the series premiere of "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" pulled in a disappointing 807,000 viewers.


Dwayne Johnson had surgery yesterday to repair the damage he suffered during his Wrestlemania match with John Cena earlier this month.


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans was arrested in North Carolina yesterday on a variety of drug charges, as well as assault. Officers found heroin, as well as a the painkiller Percocet.

WILL.I.AM has ADMITTED that his song "Let's Go" rips off "Rebound" by the group ARTY & MAT ZO.  He says he loves"Rebound", and wanted to use it on his own track.