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by Kristen Flowers


Billy Ray Cyrus' wife Tish has filed for divorce.  She wants spousal support and full custody of their 13-year-old daughter Noah.  Billy Ray and Tish ALMOST split up in 2010, because of rumors that Tish was having an affair with Bret Michaels.


TMZ posted some texts between Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen. They talk about Farrah possibly scoring a gig on "Anger Management", and about meeting up when she's in town. 


A little over 30 days into her 90-day rehab sentence, Lindsay Lohan has already switched facilities. Sources say Betty Ford wasn't really suited for a three-month stay, and the new place is.  Also, the judge and the prosecutors approved the switch.


A photographer got too close to Pink while she was changing her daughter's diaper, so Pink's husband Carey Hart and a friend confronted the guy.  Carey's friend stomped on the man's foot and kicked his camera to the ground.  He may have also kneed him the groin.  The cops came, but Carey and his friend didn't get into any trouble. 


You've got two movies in theaters this weekend. "Man of Steel", the Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. . . and "This is the End", a comedy by Seth Rogen about celebrities freaking out during the end of the world.


During some conference in Australia, Arnold Schwarzenegger said "Terminator 5" is happening, and he's playing the Terminator again.  It starts shooting in January.  He also said that a new "Conan" movie and the sequel to "Twins" are still happening.


TLC is launching a "watch 'n sniff" stunt that corresponds to the second season premiere of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"next month.  They're distributing scented cards, which will allow fans to SMELL some of the things they're seeing in the episode."