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by Kristen Flowers


Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were spotted hanging out in L.A. on Saturday night . . . so obviously, the rumors are flying.  But during a radio interview, Miley said she's still ENGAGED.  She also addressed recent attacks against her by Amanda Bynes, saying, quote, "I was rooting for her comeback until she started attacking me."


A 24-year-old model named Leyla Ghobadi has come forward with allegations that she was with Kanye West twice . . . WHILE he was with Kim Kardashian.  The last time was October, when Kim was already pregnant.


Scarlett Johansoon is NOT in talks to play Hilary Clinton.  Her rep says, quote, "Scarlett has never been asked to do this film.  She hasn't been approached about it nor seen a script."


Some photos have surfaced online, which supposedly show the guys in One Direction smoking an illegal substance on a yacht.


Jennifer Lopez was doing a radio interview recently and she got a phone call.  She answered the call on the air, and it turned out to be someone telling her she got a part in a movie.  She FREAKED OUT She wouldn't say what the part was that she got . . . or what movie she'd be in.