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by Kristen Flowers


Katy Perry and John Mayer are hanging out again, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're a couple.  A source says, quote, "They are just hanging out.  They are not putting a label on it." 


Charice Pempengco, whom you may know as Sunshine Corazon on "Glee", has come out of the closet.  She says, quote, "Yes, I am a lesbian.  But to those who can accept me, thank you very much.  We are all equal, whether you are gay or straight." 


Legendary Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has cancer in his upper jawbone and will have surgery on Friday. 


Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly bet $5.9 MILLION on the Miami Heat to win last night.  They did. 


Al Pacino has turned down some HUGE roles . . . like Han Solo in "Star Wars", John McClane in "Die Hard", either of the two leads in "Apocalypse Now" and RICHARD GERE'S part in "Pretty Woman".  He jokes, quote, "I'm not a very good judge of what's good."


Taylor Swift's security guards are stopping people from using a path on the grounds of her Rhode Island mansion to get to a public beach.  One local Tweeted, "Doesn't Taylor Swift have a tour to be on instead of invading my town and taking away my beach?" 


Kesha did an interview with MTV News the other day, and they asked her if she regretted anything she did on her show "My Crazy Beautiful Life".  She immediately brought up the episode where she drank her own urine.  And she doesn't regret it at all. 


Beyonce was on the "Today" show yesterday, and they asked her to discuss all the rumors about whether she's pregnant again.  She laughed it off . . . but she didn't deny the rumors.