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by Kristen Flowers


Kate Upton couldn't go to the prom with Jake Davidson . . . the Los Angeles high school kid who made a video inviting her.  So ANOTHER "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit model stepped up and took her place.  Her name is Nina Agdal.  She's 21, she's Danish . . . and she's HOT.


Amanda Bynes was arrested last night after she threw a bong out the window of her 36th-floor New York City apartment.  Police were called after Amanda was seen smoking pot in the lobby of her building.  Cops arrested her for possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment, and took her to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.  She's expected to appear in court this morning. 


During a charity auction last night at the Cannes Film Festival, someone paid $1.5 million for the privilege of traveling into SPACE with Leonardo DiCaprio.  They'll be passengers on one of those Virgin Galactic flights.  One seat normally costs $200,000, and there's already a waiting list.  The first flight is expected to launch around Christmas.


RadarOnline.com says Lindsay Lohan tried to invite her DRUG DEALER to visit her at Betty Ford.  A source says Lindsay asked the clinic for permission to invite him, but they turned her down.


Forbes.com has named Barack and Michelle Obama the World's Most Powerful Couple.  Also making the list are Jay-Z and BeyonceBrad and Angelina and Ellen and Portia.


The "Hangover" and "Fast & Furious" sequels are up against the animated movie "Epic" this weekend.


For the upcoming "Machete" sequel "Machete Kills", Charlie Sheen is going back to his Latin roots.  He's being billed under his birth name, Carlos Estevez.  Charlie is playing the president of the United States in the movie.


Lifetime has a new TV movie called "Anna Nicole" premiering on June 29th.  It features some recognize names, including Martin LandauVirginia MadsenCary Elwes and Adam Goldberg