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by Kristen Flowers


NBA star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is coming through BIG TIME for the state.  His foundation is donating $1 MILLION to the Red Cross.


Robert Pattinson did move out on Kristen Stewart after all.  He was spotted leaving their house with all his stuff in the back of a pickup. Meanwhile, sources say Rob's "friendship" with Katy Perry was "one of many reasons" for the split this time.


Melissa McCarthy reportedly had an extra fired from a movie she and her husband are directing, because the woman grabbed her own daughter by the arm and yanked it pretty hard.  Apparently, Melissa won't tolerate abuse on her set. 


In the middle of David Letterman's monologue last night, Tom Hanks randomly showed up and 'checked the acoustics' in the theater.  He wasn't a guest . . . it was just a random amusing bit.


Catherine Zeta-Jones has completed her treatment for Bipolar Disorder and was due home from rehab yesterday.


RollingStone.com has put out a rundown of 10 Artists Who Switched Genres.  The highlights include Michael Bolton, who was once the singer of a rock band . . . Iggy Pop, who was once in a blues band . . . and Katy Perry, who was once a Christian music singer.


"Dancing With the Stars" crowned its new winner last night. Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough took home the mirror ball trophy this time.