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by Kristen Flowers


A topless portrait of Bea Arthur hit the auction block yesterday.  It was painted in 1991, when Bea was around 69 years of age.  She didn't pose for it, though.  Experts were saying it could go for more than $2 million


"People" magazine says Angelina Jolie is going to have her ovaries removed.  But they're only getting this from an unidentified "source", not Angelina herself.  But since they "reported" it, it was all over the news yesterday.


Demi Lovato got a new tattoo on her shoulder that says "Now I'm a warrior".


"Sports Illustrated" has released its annual list of the Highest-Earning American Athletes . . . and boxer Floyd Mayweather tops it, with $90 million in projected earnings in 2013.  He's followed by LeBron JamesDrew BreesKobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.


Disney bowed to public pressure and got rid of the glammed-up version of Merida from "Brave".  They've restored her to her original design on their Princesses website, without comment.


Shakira has confirmed that she's not doing the next season of "The Voice" . . . but that's OK, because host apparently Christina Aguilera will be back.  Cee Loo Green  is in negotiations to return, but nothing has been finalized.


The series finale of "The Office" airs TONIGHT . . . and to celebrate, NBC has released a 10-minute video of John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson among others, talking about what the show meant to them.


This year's Rock the Bells festival will have "performances" by HOLOGRAMS of dead rappers Eazy E and ODP.


A Taylor Swift stalker was arrested for trespassing . . . after admitting to police that he swam up to the shore of her Rhode Island mansion hoping to meet her.