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by Kristen Flowers


"Tan Mom" is doing porn. She is making a cameo in a gay porno flick called "Kings of New York".  And they're paying her $1,000. She won't be taking her clothes off.


Barbara Walters is retiring next summer.  She'll announce it officially today on "The View".


Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself and a friend drinking beer.  Now, Justin is 19 years old . . . but the picture was taken in South Africa, where he's currently on tour, and where the drinking age is 18. 


Sources say Lindsay Lohan wants to leave Betty Ford because they took away her Adderall.  Supposedly, the clinic's doctors assessed her and decided she doesn't need it, and so she wants out.  But supposedly, her judge has said that if she pulls anymore rehab drama, she's going to jail.


"Iron Man 3" topped the box office for a second week, making another $72.5 million. "The Great Gatsby" was strong in 2nd place with a $51.1 million debut . . . while "Tyler Perry Presents Peeples" was underwhelming in 4th place with $4.9 million.


CBS is NOT moving forward with the "Beverly Hills Cop" show they were working on with Eddie Murphy but it could be picked up by another network.  CBS also canceled "CSI: New York" and "Rules of Engagement"


NBC has canceled "Smash""The New Normal" and "Go On" . . . but they WILL bring back "Community".


ABC has released a teaser for their upcoming "Avengers" TV show, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.".  The network also picked up a sitcom starring Rebel Wilson  . . . and canceled "Happy Endings" and "Body of Proof".


It's official:  Seth Meyes from "Saturday Night Live" will take over for Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" next year . . . after Fallon moves to "The Tonight Show".  Seth will remain on "SNL" through this fall, until he leaves in January to begin preparing for"Late Night"


Adult Swim is developing a bizarre animated show called "Mike Tyson Mysteries" . . . where Mike solves mysteries with the help of his "magical face tattoo," and a "foul-mouthed talking pigeon."  Mike will voice a cartoon version of himself, and make live-action appearances.  There's no premiere date yet.