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Kate Middleton Made Girls Feel Hopeless!

by Kristen Flowers

I love stories about Kate and Pippa Middleton! Check out this juicy gosspi from Alice Philipson's column! 

The mother, whose child was in the same house as the Duchess at Marlborough College, said every item of clothing belonging to the Middletons would have "a beautifully sewn-in name tape".

It was "unthinkable that they would resort to market pen on labels", she added.

She said the pair also had the "smartest" tennis rackets and had enormous picnics on school sports' days.

The Duchess and Miss Middleton are said to have been popular pupils at the Wiltshire boarding school and both excelled at sport. The Duchess was once captain of its hockey XI.

The mother told Tatler magazine: "There was always something slightly galling about having your child at school with the Middletons.

"Every pristine item of their clothing would have a beautifully sewn-in name tape, for instance.

"There were huge picnics at sports day; the smartest tennis rackets, that kind of thing.

"It made other families feel rather hopeless."

The pair no doubt owed their enviable appearance to their mother Carole Middleton, who is described as very "family-minded" by a friend.

"The thing that no one seems to get about Carole is how cosy she really is. Yes, she looks quite intimidating, but no one could be more family-minded. More of homebody".

The Duchess of Cambridge was also a keen netball player and played in the first pair at tennis when she attended Marlborough College during the 1990s where she was also an A-Grade pupil.

Other notable alumni include Princess Eugenie, Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister's wife, Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman and Captain Mark Phillips.