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Do You Want Your Man to Wear This?

by Kristen Flowers

Is there ANY woman who fantasizes about her boyfriend or husband slipping into a thong, negligee, and lace cami?  Is there any woman in the WORLD who would be turned on by that?

There's a company in Australia that's hoping the answer is yes.  They're called HommeMystere, and they just released a line of LINGERIE FOR MEN.

But they didn't make ANY effort to give the lingerie a masculine twist . . . other than making it in men's sizes.  It's mostly pink.  It contains lace and bows and hearts.  It includes teddies, camisoles, thongs, negligees . . . and even padded man-bras.

The company is hoping this CHANGES the way men look at underwear.

They believe men who try their product will find, quote, "comfortable men's panties that really do fit, bra straps that don't fall off the shoulder, [and] teddies that don't ride up halfway through the night."

The products cost around $25 for a pair of men's panties, $32 for a men's bra, and $50 for men's lingerie.  If you want this stuff, you can buy it at HommeMystere.com.