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100.7 MIX @ The Special Olympics

by Kristen Flowers

We were so honored and excited to be part of this years Special Olympics! Check out some of the pictures we took at the opening ceremony.

Here is Nick Steele hosting The Skyriders!

The Skyriders!

Jared "the Subway Sandwich guy" was there!

 photo 989e48c2-a1ee-49e8-bdb7-dd63ce7e15c0_zps6ee3174d.jpg

 photo 88efe48e-028e-4bd9-8d54-b30f873d1251_zps2d321129.jpg

This AMAZING singer!

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The torch!

 photo d781ba8c-9c37-4b94-b7d6-a8874ecf1aba_zps793dc34f.jpg

 photo 46addddb-c7c5-4683-9cd0-349feceae7ff_zps7dbef0cd.jpg

 photo ee623ecf-d334-4e36-a670-00551033ef34_zpsa4a08e52.jpg

The dance was PACKED!

 photo fe75c06f-1f02-43d8-92b4-413abdeb9f97_zps4639ccf2.jpg