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Would You Hook Your Daughter Up With A Stranger?

by Joe

A few weeks back I posted about a mom who was setting her son up to lose his virginity via Craigslist as a graduation gift. Looks like someone else thought it was a good idea to use that idea.

A guy in Florida is offering to send you to one of the BIGGEST college football games of the year and all you have to do is take his stepdaughter on a date....to the game. The girls date backed out at the last minute and instead of taking the $150 loss he's posting about it on Craigslist! Here's a screenshot from the ad of what it will cost one lucky guy:

You can read more about this stepfather here   And honestly, his step daughter looks pretty attractive. But that's besides the point: would you try to do this to your child? I just feel like your parents shouldn't interfere with your love life. How do you feel about it?