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Would You Allow Your Kid To Do This?

by Joe

When it comes to parenting, Will Smith (I won't make any "Parents Don't Understand" jokes) and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are really laid back. That's what makes this request from 14 year old son Jaden even less shocking. 


(Photo via Global Grind)

The younger Smith has asked to be emancipated for his 15th birthday. He doesn't want to go away because his parents are mean or anything like that; he wants to purchase his own house and live on his own. 

There's no word on if the Smith's have said yes to Jaden's request, but that's a pretty gutsy request from a teenager. I think living with your parents helps you develop who you are as a person. Then again, most teens can't afford to live on their own like Jaden Smith can.