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Worlds Worst Car and Driver

by Joe

I've had a flat tire and had to drive on it before and it's not the most fun thing to do. Could you imagine driving on TWO flats? How about his: imagine driving without a STEERING WHEEL! One man in Australia was recently pulled over for this. This is how the guy was driving his car:

(Photo via SWNS )

Police pulled the man over after seeing him swerving all over the road. If you think the guy is crazy, well he was on meth so there's your answer. He was out on bail and the police arrested him, charging him with dangerous driving, drug charges, and a few other things. 

Look, I know the guy was being a hazard on the road but driving with a pair of pliers has to take some talent. But I have to know: where the hell was his steering wheel in the first place!?