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What Do You Dream About?

by Joe

I have a recurring dream about once a month and it always involves Michael Myers from the Halloween movies chasing me and stopping me every time I try to save someone. It always wakes me up because, come on, Michael Myers is a creepy person. 

A new survey has been released with the Top 5 most common recurring dreams:

5. Completely nonsensical dreams (because being a manbearpig has happened to all of us while sleeping before)

4. Being naked in public (this is one I've never had...could be because I talk in public from time to time)

3. Sex dreams with a celeb or someone you know (talk about dream girl for real, am I right?!....moving on)

2. Something going wrong at work (THIS is one I have quite often)

1. Being embarrassed in front of a crowd (another one that I don't have too many times)

More on the most common dreams here 

What's a dream that you have quite often and what do you think it means?