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The Worst Plan Ever

by Joe

Some people are just so greedy that they don't care who they hurt or who they do anything to. A man in California wanted to buy a bunch of the new iPhone's to possibly sell on eBay or other online retailers but you can only buy so many since they are in short demand. So what does he do? He hires homeless people to stand in line for him to purchase them!

(Photo via Wikipedia)

A man drove close to 70 or 80 homeless people from Los Angeles to Pasadena and said he would pay each of them $40 to stand in line and get one of the new iPhone's for him. Eventually the Apple store caught onto what the guy was doing and refused to sell any of them iPhone's. 

Here's where the story takes a turn: the guy said he would not pay the homeless people who DIDN'T get iPhone's their $40 and they all turned on him. You can read more about this sick story here.

Nothing about this is technically illegal but it's surely is immoral. How could you hire those less fortunate than you to stand and do this and NOT pay them no matter what? And the worst part about it? He didn't even give them a lift back to LA. What a jerk.