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The Top Things Your Parents Did But "You Won't"

by Joe

I've ALWAYS said that I'll never do the same things my parents did when raising me. I'm sure they said that about their parents. And their parents parents. And...well, you get the drift. 

Here are some of the top things that you say you will NOT do that your parents did:

4. Get angry over insignificant things (like that time I was a half hour late for curfew at 18....)

3. Act closed minded about race, religion, etc (This is actually one my parents are pretty good about)

2. Avoid the "birds and the bees" talk (my talk was very brief and awkward)

1. Call their kids names (Another one my parents never really did)

Here are some of the other ones from Reddit  (LOTS of language, so click with caution).

What's one thing that you said you'll never do as a parent that your parents did? Comment below and we'll discuss them on the show today!