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The Top Signs Your Boss May Hate You

by Joe

I've always been pretty fortunate to have bosses who like me and I've always liked them for the most part. Everyone in the radio business is usually easy to get along with and wants to have fun. If you're not as fortunate as me though, you may hate going to work and wondering if your boss will be getting upset with you over being a second late or not. 

Here are the top signs that your boss may not like you via Men's Health

1) They don't clear their desk when you come in (an obvious sign that they don't want you there and acting as if they're busy)

2) Aiming their body away from you (to avoid direct eye contact of to show they're very uninterested in what you have to say)

3) They talk in front of you (as opposed to the side by side "hey friend" type of talking"

4) Communication only via email (bosses who like you will stroll by your desk to check on you and will pop in to say what's up and address minor issues)

So, do you think your boss has any behavior like this towards you or possibly another co-worker? Have you ever had a boss that just hated you and you didn't know why? What was the outcome? Comment below and we can discuss on air this afternoon.