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The Top "First World Problems" We Complain About

by Joe

If you're not sure what "first world problems" are then here's a brief example: I couldn't get the iPhone 5 when I upgraded so I got the iPhone 4S. It's something that we consider a problem but it's not really that big of a deal compared to people starving in other countries and other things. 

(Another example of a first world problem)

Here are the Top 5 from a new survey about "first world problems"

5. "Headphone cord getting tangled in bookbag" (Just wrap them up!!)

4. "Dishwasher taking too long to load and unload" (How is this...you aren't doing the dishes yourself!!!)

3. "Wallet too thick from all of the money in it" (Whoever says this is a Grade A d-bag)

2. "Personal trainer on vacation so I have to workout alone" (Because you can't find ANYONE else to workout with you?)

1. "It's hot out but freezing inside because of the air" (Soooo...turn the air up some?)

I know we all complain about stuff from time to time but some of these are ridiculous. Check out the full list here . 

What is a "first world problem" that you complain about?