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The Self Destruction Of Justin Bieber

by Joe

Justin Bieber is having an awful year and it's all his fault. That's what happens when you begin running with the wrong crowd. Recently he was caught taking a pee in a restaurant mop bucket and cursing out a picture of former president Bill Clinton (for which he has since apologized) and now he's getting thrown out of places for drinking under the age of 21. 

According to TMZ, Bieber and his crew were in ChicagoTuesday night and were thrown out because the police were called after it was found out that he was drinking in the club under 21. The club, Bodi, was cited for the violation and will have to go to court to pay a fine. Bieber and his friends will get no punishment besides the headline of them being tossed out. 

This is just another step on the path of self destruction that Bieber is heading down. If he doesn't clean up his act soon, he'll be labeled as one of those artists who love to party more than make music. I'm betting that Austin Mahone is hoping Bieber tumbles down that path so he can shoot up and take his spot as reigning teen idol.