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The Most Disgusting Way To Steal...Yuck!

by Joe

I've heard of people trying to return games with blank discs in the case but I've NEVER heard of throwing up to make the story more believable...that is until now.

(Picture via Deviant Fan Art )

Police in Michigan are currently investigating theft from Wal-Mart in three cities and it's not theft that you can see happening in the store. People are buying games, putting blank discs in the case, PUKING on their receipt, and taking them back to the store. And this works because come on, who wants to touch something that someone puked on? You can see more about the scam here.

This is easily one of the dumbest scams I've ever heard about. How desperate do you have to be to think, "hey, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to puke on my receipt and get this money!". Come on people, stop trying to get over on others. It's ridiculous and you're being cruel.