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The DUMBEST Things Couples Fight Over

by Joe

Let's face it: no relationship is perfect. You're going to fight about stuff, and sometimes it will be trivial things. That's just how we're built as humans. A new survey out has revealed the Top 5 things that couples argue about that are dumb. 

5. Laundry (Seriously, who argues over laundry?)

4. Staying out late and NOT telling the other person (this makes sense though)

3. What to watch on TV (this seems like it should be higher on the list)

2. Cell phone bills ("why are you on the phone with this number going over our minutes?!")

1. Emptying the dishwasher ("I did it LAST TIME!!")

I can't believe that "why are you looking at him/her" isn't on there along with "I don't want to go to your mothers house for (insert holiday)". 

What are some of the dumbest things you've ever fought about with your significant other?