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The College Experience

by Joe

It's been nearly eight years since I was a freshman in college and boy, do I miss it. Well, miss college. I don't particularly miss being a freshman. You're new, you don't know anything, and of course you have to make friends all over again. I was one of the first in my family to go to college and graduate, so I didn't have anyone to tell me what I was getting myself into. That's why I'm writing this blog, to help you with your first year whether you're going off on your own for the first time or if you're staying nearby and taking classes so you don't have to leave home. 

There are a few things that you need to know when you first start college. For starters, there is no bell in the classroom. Your professor checks the time and let's you go around the time class is supposed to be out. I remember my first day waiting to hear if there was a bell and feeling like an idiot when we got out of class 30 minutes after we started. That's the plus side though; there will be times when you go to class, drop off a paper, and get to go about your day. 

Another thing to keep in mind: make sure you do the assigned reading! This is really important, even if you only scan it and get the jist of what you'll be discussing in the next class. I can't tell you how many times I had that "uhhhhhhhh" blank stare on my face when a professor asked me a question from the previous class freshman year. Also, don't take the homework lightly. Get it done as soon as you can and make sure you're doing any extra assignments for extra credit. You never know when you'll need it. 

Like I said, I didn't have anyone to tell me what college was like. I had to do it for myself and part of the reason I had to do an extra year at Indiana State University is because I thought it was going to just be like high school and I could get by with the bare minimum. I had a 3.0 GPA in high school and did next to nothing; when I got to college I thought it would be the same way. By the end of the fall semester Sophomore year I was on academic probation. That was the moment when I knew I had to take it serious. I eventually graduated with a 3.2 GPA in my major. 

One final thing: remember to have some fun! Between studying for the tests and remembering everything, you also need to have some fun and go to a party or nine. Just make sure you're partying responsibly. College was one of the best times of my life and I made a lot of good friends there that I still hang out and talk to on a regular basis. This is a moment that will help shape who you are as an adult so remember to enjoy these four years because once you're in the workforce, you don't get this time back.