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Should "Texting While Driving" Laws Be More Strict?

by Joe

Earlier this week, a woman in Maryland drove her car into a lake. The reason behind her doing this? She was texting while driving.

(Photo's via Wikipedia)

It's been reported that the woman hit a tree and that sent her car flying 50 feet before going into the lake. She managed to escape before the car started sinking into the bottom. You can see pictures and read more about it here.

You may think that it's ok to look down at your phone while driving to get off a quick message, and we've all done it before, but I think that the laws for texting and driving should be more strict. A simple fine that increases  with every offense isn't really going to do anything. Do you think the texting and driving laws should be more strict for our area? Comment below and we'll discuss on the show today.