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Seriously, Farrah? Grow UP!

by Joe

So last week Farrah Abraham was trying to sell her sextape for money and fame. Turns out that was a last resort to get back in the limelight. 

(Photo via TeenMomNews)

It's been reported that less than two months ago Abraham tried recruiting an actor so she could get on VH1's reality show Couples Therapy. She met an upcoming actor at an American Music Awards afterparty named Carson Underwood and they kept in touch. Once Abraham found out he was heterosexual, she presented the "fake boyfriend" idea to him for a boost in their careers. She even offered him a five figure sum of money to participate. 

SERIOUSLY!? How low do you have to go to want people to like you and see you, Farrah? Honestly, I hope she never gets a job in acting/reality television again.