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Probably NOT How You Should Propose...

by Joe

From what I've learned as a guy, it's every girls dream to be proposed to in the classiest fashion. Apparently this guy knows nothing about women OR where his girlfriend lives because now he's in jail because of his proposal technique. 

(Photo via Orlando Sentinel)

The man in the mugshot photo is Thomas Edwards Jr.. He's 22 and decided that it was time to propose to his girlfriend, which isn't so uncommon. Here's where the story takes a twist: he went to her place at 3am NAKED and wanted to propose. Only he didn't go to her backdoor....he went to the neighbors...and they saw him...naked.

The police were called and Edwards was angry at them and even tried fighting back until he was tased. He's still in jail with charges of battery of an officer, burglary, and indecent exposure. Also, he still hasn't proposed. 

What happened to just getting down on one knee in a romantic spot? I bet he thought this was romantic and in reality he just creeped out some old people.