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Nicki Minaj Stealing Songs For Her Own?

by Joe

Nicki Minaj is back in the headlines and it's not for her booty. She, along with three song writers and the producer of her hit song "Starships", is being sued by a producer named Clive Tonka. Tonka is an EDM producer and release a song called "Neu Chicago" in 2011 that sounds AWFULLY similar to the one that Minaj put out in 2012. Take a listen to Tonka's song and tell me it doesn't...

Now listen to Nicki's song from last year:

Now I know that it's taken Tonka a while to sue but maybe he lives in a cave or something and didn't know about the song. Even though that's highly unlikely I'm sure he gave Minaj and her label fair warning on wanting to be compensated before trying to take it to court.