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Meet The World's Dumbest Crooks

by Joe

If you're going to rob someone then you should probably have a getaway driver that, I don't know, has both of his legs, right? A couple of guys in New York didn't think that part through when mugging a man last week. 

Two men robbed a man for his keys and some money in his pocket and thought "we'll get the guy with no legs who has a special rig on his van to be our getaway driver!" That's possibly the dumbest idea ever because the police caught up to the van and arrested all three men. There was a gun and a wheelchair in the van as well. 

Seriously, how do you NOT think something like that through? What would make you think that was the BEST option for the getaway? These guys might literally be the world's dumbest crooks in the history of crime. 

You can read the full story here via The New York Post