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LOOK: Best Motivation To Lose Weight

by Joe

I've always been in the category of "you need to gain weight, you're way too skinny" my entire life. Up until the past few years when my metabolism started slowing down that is. Now I'm looking for ways to tone up, get in shape, and lose a few pounds all of the time. If you've ever needed motivation, like myself, then this might be the perfect solution. 


Meet Reddit user DignityBlows who dropped 88 pounds in a year! She took photo's of her progress during her journey and another user on Reddit put together this .gif of her weight loss. She went from 220 pounds down to 135. You can read all about her awesome goal here.

If you need that little "push" to get you started then this might be able to help. Seeing that .gif makes me want to start eating healthier and see where I'm at in the next 90 days.