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Kris Jenner Already Not Happy With New Talk Show

by Joe

A lot of stuff happens when you go on vacation. It was news to me that Kris Jenner was getting her own talk show but now it looks like she's already butting heads with the producers over the direction of the show. 


(Photo via FanPop)

Jenner did not want a co-host in the beginning of the show but the producers thought it was essential, seeing as she'll be fighting for ratings because the show is only getting a six week trial run from Fox. There's even rumors that daughter Kim Kardashian and future son in law Kanye West will appear and this will also be the first public appearance for their baby North West

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Jenner and the producers used this as a marketing ploy to boost ratings early. Kris premieres on Fox this coming Monday, July 15th.