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Kid Mows Lawns to Help Tornado Victims!

by Joe

A few months back we helped out with "Mission Moore" a program that was designed to help the tornado victims in Moore, OK. The helping hasn't stopped thanks to one kid in Texas. 

An 11 year old from Dalhart, TX spent his entire summer mowing lawns to help those that were affected by the tornado in Moore, OK earlier this summer. How much did he make? A little less than $6,000!!!

A company in Texas heard about what the kid, Dyllon, was doing and decided to chip in $10,000 with him! You can catch the full story here.

That's so cool that a kid that young wanted to help people he had NEVER met before and make sure they could begin to get their lives back on track. There are still good people in the world and some of them are young at that. This is so awesome.