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Kanye West Is Fed UP!

by Joe

Recently Kanye West told a member of the paparazzi that he doesn't want him to talk to anybody ever in life after the guy was just doing his job and trying to ask some questions. Well, Kanye is now fed up and actually FOUGHT one of the guys taking pictures today. 

An ambulance was called as punches were thrown and it's not known what the extent of the photographers injuries are but one thing is for certain: Kanye is SERIOUS about you not talking to him. 

This is ridiculous to me. I'm a big Kanye West fan but this is getting out of control. All he has to do is ignore them and walk past, end of story. But Kanye, being the egomaniac that he is, chooses to engage them and cause a scene each time. Seriously Yeezy, just let it go. 


It looks as if Yeezy didn't try to fight the guy but just wanted to destroy his camera. Here's an updated video with some of the better angles via X17Online.com