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Justin Bieber To Go To Rehab?!

by Joe

If it seems like you've heard more headlines about Justin Bieber for partying and getting in trouble recently than for his music, you're absolutely correct. These days the Biebs is out partying, smoking pot, and hanging with the wrong crowd. He's doing it so much that his long time manager, Scooter Braun, wants Bieber to go to rehab. 

(Photo via Last.FM)

Bieber's family is also concerned about him as they think he's "surrounding himself with people who do ridiculous things". More on that here.

Stardom at a young age is a very slippery slope if you get around the wrong people. You have all of the money in the world so you can do practically anything and money will get you out of trouble as well. Hopefully Bieber listens to those around him and hits rehab or at least gets away from the wrong crowd that he's hanging out with. 

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